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Cowboys random blurbs

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There’s another video of stadium construction up at

The DMN blog picked up on my post about Pete Prisco calling Roy Williams the most overrated player in the NFL last year, like Mark Schlereth just did this year. By the way, the Cowboys have been in Schlereth’s doghouse ever since they signed Owens. That dude hates him some Owens. But the DMN blog actually did the journalistic thing and read the article. I just remembered Prisco’s comment from last year, and also someone asking Parcells about it in a press conference. Parcells did his usual thing. You know, he wanted to know what writer, who did he write for, then when he found out, he denigrated Internet sites in general, making friends wherever he went. But that was the Tuna, it was expected, I don’t even remember if he bothered to defend Roy Williams or not.

Anyway, if I had bothered to read the article again (this year) I would have seen that Prisco had Drew Bledsoe as his Cowboys’ most-underrated player last year. I was sure I must have commented on that and the Roy Williams comment, so I searched back to find what I said then.

On the Drew Bledsoe comment – Jul 06, 2006

...I do like his choice for underrated on the Cowboys team (not for the entire league).

Well, that wasn’t much. But here’s me on Roy Williams - Jul 06, 2006

Personally, I think Prisco is being a little harsh. While I've always thought Roy could wrap-up better on tackles - sometimes he goes for the big hit when the occasion screams for making a sure tackle - he's not nearly as bad in coverage as Prisco would have you believe. Certainly he's never going to be a coverage safety - he is a SS after all - so his value lays in getting turnovers, sacks and making momentum changing hits. You can't underestimate that in terms of establishing your defense as intimidators and it does lead to guys hearing footsteps and causing some "alligator arms" when receivers go over the middle.

In my estimation, he's a tad overrated, but still an elite safety and one Dallas should absolutely keep for years to come.

Interesting, I still feel most of that is true. But I’m a little less-pleased with Roy today than I was at this time last year. He did come up with 7 turnovers last season, an excellent stat, but his tackles were down, he had no sacks and his coverage continued to be porous.

Maybe I’ll just drink some Phillips 34 kool-aid and say that with Wade here, it will all be groovy.

Hat tip Burt-D

USA Today is doing a series on the Top 25 NFL players over the past 25 years. So far, Troy Aikman checks in at #20.

It was Aikman's postseason success that defined his career and elevated him among his peers. He won 11 of his first 13 playoffs games, including three Super Bowls in four seasons.

Hat tip DMN blog

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