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Cowboys offensive line evaluation

Here’s my offensive line roster evaluation that follows Todd Archer’s series of evaluations.

Flozell Adams LT – Maddeningly inconsistent. He looks the part, has the size and has the tools; he just never puts it all together for consistent runs. He’ll have games when he looks like an all-star, but he’ll also have games when he almost single-handedly kills an offense. Most of the time, his games fluctuate between those two extremes. The problem is you never know which Flozell will show up. He’s almost assuredly in his last season with Dallas, the Cowboys won’t pay the money that Adams wants, and have already started grooming possible replacements. They want to go younger.

Kyle Kosier LG – I like him when he’s on the move; when the Cowboys pull him he usually hits the hole on time, without messing up the timing of the play, and he can deliver a good block. It’s the straight up stuff that seems to bother him. He can be beat when asked to hold his ground or to drive block on a run.

Andre Gurode C – The light bulb year for Gurode was last year, he went from bust to paid. If things hadn’t worked out, Gurode would be working for another team by now. But he’s our starting center now so we can only hope that he continues to play at last year’s level.

Leonard Davis RG – With the move to guard, the plan is for Davis to take full advantage of his size and strength without having to deal with speed rushers. Marco Rivera was the weakest link on the line last year. It would be almost impossible for Davis not to be an upgrade. But we don’t want just an upgrade, we want dominance in our power running game, and Davis just might be the key to getting that.

Marc Colombo RT – The Cowboys struck gold when they rescued Colombo off the scrap heap. Once a big-time talent robbed by injury, he’s now a guy who knows what hard work off the field can bring, and exhibits the same trait on the field. Not the most gifted player anymore, but a guy who gets the job done through determination.

Pat McQuistan T/G – The second-year player was thought to be on the track to play left tackle, but the Cowboys have made some noise about moving him inside to guard. But with Adams still having knee issues; McQ has stayed at tackle for now. He’s a big guy with some skill, it will be interesting to see if there is a big jump in his play now he’s made it through his rookie year.

Cory Procter C– Someone has got to back up Andre Gurode at center and it looks like Procter will get his shot. The depth at the center position is still a concern.

James Marten RT – Another Boston College lineman - they’re everywhere in the NFL - Marten is destined to back up fellow BC alum Colombo at right tackle.

Doug Free LT – A physically gifted lineman who projects to left tackle in the NFL. His progress at tackle may influence which position McQ eventually ends up at, guard or tackle. If Free can make an impression, he could be in line for Flozell’s spot after this year.

The rest of the guys – Wait until training camp.

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