Hating on Romo

Disclaimer: Terry - don't read without blood pressure medication nearby!

Gil "The Pill" Lebreton takes a shot at Tony. I'll summarize. How dare he have a life, any life, before he wins a championship.

Especially inane:

No, Romo hasn't broken any laws, nor seemingly has he violated any Cowboys rules.

But anybody else think like I do, that Romo's high-profile off-season, coming on the heels of a football season in which he accomplished, well, nothing, smacks of risky karma?

From what I remember, Romo didn't exactly lead the Cowboys swaggering into the NFL postseason. He was the winning quarterback in only one of his final five starts.

There are Cowboys fans, trust me, who still wake up screaming in the night, anguished over Romo's fumbled field goal snap in the playoff loss at Seattle.

Romo, on the other hand? He's been quoted as saying that he's long over that.

Yes, we've noticed.

But if you are into the whole yin/yang thing, see Impatient's diary . .

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