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More OTA discussion

Nick Eatman delves into the depths of the OTA practice. Is it important? How important? Is it hurting the team that guys are absent?

Here’s my opinion, if the team is practicing, then it’s good if everybody is there. It’s not necessarily a negative that some guys don’t attend, but it sure doesn’t help the getting better part. It’s not a huge deal, but I don’t think there is anyway to deny that if all the guys were attending, we’d be that much farther along come training camp. Jason Witten underscores that point, even though he’s really not knocking guys who aren't showing up, he's just comparing it to last year.

"The last few years, we get to camp and we have to do so much installing of the offense," Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten said. "But here, with these OTAs and stuff, we're learning so much right now. We're putting in plays here and there and so when we get to camp, we're still learning some things, but we've already got so much in place.

"So instead of just getting beat up mentally and physically like we've had in the past, it's not as exhausting because we're getting these practices in right now."

I stole these questions below directly from the DMN blog, but added my own answers. So go visit them since I’m copping their article. It’s only fair.

Will Nick Folk beat Martin Gramatica for the kicker job?
I think they should split this into two parts. I very much doubt Folk will beat Gramatica out for the FG’s and XP’s. It’s on the kickoffs where he has to make his claim. He needs to be putting them in endzone on a regular basis, or I don’t get why we would carry two kickers. But if Folk is the man at training camp, and shows some accuracy, I guess it’s possible he could supplant Gramatica at both spots.

Can Anthony Spencer overtake Greg Ellis for the starting outside linebackers job?

It all depends on Ellis’ health. If the Achilles injury is holding him back at all, I could easily see Spencer getting some starts early in the season. If Ellis is 100%, then Spencer will have to learn and do some backing up.

Will Isaiah Stanback make the active roster?
The Cowboys spent a 4th round pick on him, and they knew he needed to learn the WR spot again and had to overcome a foot injury. In their minds, they had to know that Stanback is a project, so there’s almost no doubt he’ll make the roster. But as far as active on game day, much of that will have to do with his foot injury and his special teams play.

Does Marco Rivera retire?
Something will happen, but whatever it is - retire, injury settlement, getting cut- he won’t be on the team in 2007.

Your turn.

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