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Offbeat Cowboys news

This morning its offbeat Cowboys news.

It’s always funny when the foreign press covers American sports. Take this blurb in an article from the London Free Press.

Will new Dallas Cowboys coach, Wade Phillips, apply his late father's nickname, Bum, to Terrell Owens?

Holy crap! Bum Phillips died. We didn’t even know it. I swore I saw him healthy and happy at his son’s introductory press conference just a couple of months ago.

Wait, I just found a Randy Galloway article on it, he claims that T.O. is the cause of death. I kid.

But I had to check for myself, and this handy-dandy dead-or-alive web site says he’s alive!

So I called Bum Phillips and he said "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." His wife then grabbed the phone and said, "Thank goodness for Viagra." I can’t believe I just wrote that joke. The’s too much...must think of something else...brain in agony...think of something different...Salma...Salma Hayek. OK, I’m better now.
See, this is the value of reading this blog, I bring you the news no one else is reporting, even if it’s false. You just can’t get service like that anymore.

With all the Tony Romo dating Carrie Underwood news we’ve had lately, I forgot that Romo isn’t the only player on this team who has dated a big-time, hottie singer.

Former DESTINY'S CHILD star KELLY ROWLAND has reportedly found love in the arms of English soccer ace KIERAN RICHARDSON.

The Manchester United star met the singer backstage at one of her London gigs and they have been dating for the last two months, according to British newspaper The Sun.

A source says, "Things are starting to heat up." Rowland is no stranger to sports hunks - she was previously engaged to Dallas Cowboys American football player Roy Williams.

I don’t follow Quincy Carter’s saga, it’s just too depressing. If I wanted to get that down in the dumps I would just pop in a tape of the Cowboys circa 2001, or a Michael Bolton CD. Apparently Carter was suspended from whatever team it is he plays for now - if it ain’t the NFL it’s the minor leagues - because he missed some meetings/practices and he and the coach are in a public feud. But the better part is the mini-feud Carter has going with JJT.

Making things more interesting is the back-and-forth between Carter and the Dallas Morning News’ Jean-Jacques Taylor, who wrote in a May 19 column that Carter continues to throw his life away. Taylor reported in a subsequent column that Carter called him after the piece ran saying he would not return to the Battle Wings, but Carter denied talking to Taylor in a later interview with Times writer Jimmy Watson.

"I never said I wasn’t going to play for the team ... I never made a public comment," Carter told Watson on May 29. "I never even talked to that guy (Taylor)."

Take it to the next level JJT! Tell me you have a recording of the conversation where Carter said it, and also claimed that he and the Tuna rolled a fattie and smoked it together just hours before Parcells cut him. OK, I made that last part up.

Update [2007-6-7 11:49:48 by Grizz]: As BTB-regular Burt-D alluded to in the comments, I am officially losing my faculties. The offseason is killing me. Where the heck is T.O. when I need him?

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