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Greg Ellis wants release if demands not met

I’ve tried to play it down the middle with Greg Ellis. Some of you guys, though, weren’t too happy when I gave Ellis the business for his whining comments earlier in the offseason, especially after they drafted Anthony Spencer.

But these latest comments are enough. From the DMN blog:

Greg Ellis requested a meeting with the owner to discuss restructuring his contract. Jerry told the media horde today that a meeting ain't gonna happen.

"I don't have any plans to meet with anybody that's under contract," Jerry said.

Ellis' response: Fine, then release me.

"That pretty much sums it up," Ellis said after Jerry's comments were relayed to him. "A player that you're serious about keeping, you don't not meet with him. I guess I can say that and be politically correct."

I used to respect Greg Ellis, I thought he was a pretty good player who had given his all to the Cowboys. But over the last few offseasons, something has happened to Ellis and he’s become the opposite of the stand-up guy I thought he was. He complains about the contract he signed, and tries to blame it on the Cowboys, that somehow they tricked him or something. He complained about being moved to the OLB position in the 3-4, gave us every excuse in the book, and then ended up starting and having a very good half-season. Now he’s coming off a major injury and is getting up there in age, so the Cowboys needed to draft some insurance, and he whines about that. Now he wants to be released.

But the Cowboys are in the driver’s seat, so they might not want to release a reasonably paid player who could start or backup. When that was brought up to Ellis, he gave the ultimate weasel answer.

Ellis understands that logic. His reply: "If a guy's not into it, do you really want that guy on your team?"

Now he’s telling us he won’t give a full-effort if he doesn’t get what he wants? Anthony Spencer, I hope you’re ready to play some football.

Dunkman has a diary on the same article.

The DMN blog is the place for OTA coverage today, here are some highlights.

Tony Romo had his worst performance of the several workouts that have been open to the media this spring. He threw three picks -- one on a duck that fluttered into LB Bradie James' arms -- and overthrew a wide-open Jason Witten on a seam route in the end zone. CB Quincy Butler picked off an out from Romo on the final play of practice. Romo would have run him down, but several defensive starters hopped off the sideline to form a blocking wall. FS Pat Watkins made a good break on a crossing route for the other pick.

Uh-oh, it’s all Carrie Underwood’s fault! I kid. But I’m sure BTB-regular Terry will have a very reasonable explanation for Romo sucking today.

Other notes:

Oliver Hoyte was a fullback again after working at linebacker last week. He ran with the starting offense. Rookie FB Deon Anderson, whose best chance to make the team is kicking butt on special teams, dropped an easy pass.

Well, after me making a lot of noise about Hoyte going back to LB, the Cowboys shift gears again. Note to Grizz – you know nothing.

First-round pick OLB/DE Anthony Spencer made fourth-round pick OT Doug Free look like he had his feet in concrete a couple of times. Spencer's burst off the ball is extremely impressive.

Woo hoo! With Ellis whining, Spencer is shining. Or maybe Doug Free was just sucking.

Calvin Watkins reports that Marco Rivera has been released.

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