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Nice Rivera sendoff by Mosley

Matt Mosley had a conversation with Marco Rivera shortly after his release, and writes up a nice post. Check out this quote from Rivera.

"It's tough to take, but I completely understand," said Rivera, who's coming off his second back surgery in three years. "With the personnel this team has, it would be a travesty if they didn't win 12 games. With [Tony] Romo coming on and that offensive line, they're not going to miss me."

That’s about as honest a statement I ever heard a pro athlete make after getting released. You got to give it up for Rivera, he went out with class. has another article on Rivera’s release.

Tony Romo got the green light from his boss to raise the roof.

Consider Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as someone who not only has no problem with quarterback Tony Romo’s celebrity status, but supports it.

Jones, forever thinking from a sales and marketing standpoint, said Romo’s newfound fame is good for the Cowboys and good for the league.

"We all want Tony to be everything he can be on the field," Jones said. "From my perspective, I like his colorfulness off the field. That is good for the Cowboys and good for football. There is an element here that is entertainment, and you have to back it up with action. But if you are in my shoes, you are looking at the Cowboys franchise ... our role and where we are from an entertainment standpoint. I like the way Romo does it."

Rock on Romo.

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