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After minicamp, Cowboys off until TC

Mickey Spags has some thoughts on T.O. It’s a pretty good article, but stuck in the middle was this nugget, a reality-check I didn’t need. It concerns life after this weekend’s minicamp.

Then, that's it. Other than finishing up individual workouts, both vets and rookies, there is nothing until training camp. Not even voluntary stuff. What in the world will everyone worry about?

It can’t be. You guys have already witnessed by diminished capacity for rational thought.
What kind of drivel will come out of my keyboard to your computer screen for the next month? The horrors.

Here are a couple of stories you might see over the next month concerning the Cowboys.

Pictures surface online of Tony Romo and a bevy of beauties at the Playboy Mansion at three o’clock in the morning. The press goes wild, until it’s confirmed that Romo was practicing the two-minute offense with the bunnies as his teammates. He completed a 15-yard out to Miss January 2002, and then hit Miss March 2004 up the seam for a 20-yard gain. This put him in field position for a winning kick from Miss December 2006, and yes, Romo was the holder. The press then write articles praising Romo's dedication to football and curvaceous blondes everywhere.

Word leaks that Terrell Owens is writing a follow-up to his children’s book Little T Learns to Share that is reportedly called Little T Remains Oddly Silent after Finger Surgery during the Offseason Only to Launch a Sneak Attack That Will Torpedo his Team during a Crucial Part of the Season. Owens doesn’t deny he’s writing a book under that title, but claims it’s purely fiction and is not inspired by current events.

Wade Phillips will walk up to an array of microphones and reporters and do a press conference. This will occur on a Friday at 1:30 PM central time and he will discuss the Dallas Cowboys. No, really, this one is going to happen, today. You can listen to it over at

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