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Ellis interview

You can watch the full Greg Ellis interview for yourself over at

In my opinion, it’s actually worse than what was initially reported. The factual stuff is the same as what was reported earlier, Ellis wants more money or else he wants to be traded/released. But Greg is making it a personal thing between him and Jerry Jones. Not a good strategy in his vulnerable position.

I really hate writing this stuff about Ellis, I really do like what he has done for the Cowboys. And like I said before, he had such a great reputation until the last few years. I don’t know what happened; maybe the Tuna freaked Ellis out or something.

The DMN has a long article on the latest Ellis comments.

But Jerry summed it up in a single comment.

"We all want more money," Jones said.

There’s a Tony Romo interview over at At the moment of this posting, it’s the seventh video down the list.

Hat tip to Richard Joke for sending me the link.

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