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Indispensable Dallas Cowboys, Part II

Mickey Spags decided to play the indispensable Cowboy game that I wrote about last week. I came away with the conclusion that Romo was the most indispensable Cowboy on the roster without much doubt. Mickey brings Romo’s name up, but says he’s not the one because a guy still proving he’s an NFL starter can’t be the guy. I’m not buying that excuse although I kind of get what he’s saying. But without Romo, I can’t see our season going anywhere; he has to be in the lineup. So I took Romo out of the equation to make it more interesting.

Once I did that, Mickey and I had a lot of the same players on our list. He had T.O. which I didn’t, and I agree that was a questionable call on my part. But I just felt with Glenn, Witten and some of the young WR talent we could still do well. But I agree he could easily be thrown into the mix.

But without Romo, we did agree on the top two candidates, DaMarcus Ware and Terence Newman, and we both chose Newman. Here’s Mickey on selecting Newman:

For some reason, I can't get away from what Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after going through the extensive interview process during his head coach search. That when picking the minds of all the defensive guys he brought in, the likes of Wade Phillips and Gary Gibbs and Ron Rivera, not to mention some of these offensive guys, too, such as Norv Turner and Jim Caldwell, Jones said the one consensus was this:
Terence Newman was the best, most valuable player on the Dallas Cowboys. They obviously looked at pure talent and what he does for a defense, not allowing numbers to influence their evaluation.

I'm with them, and you know, I didn't even bring up his value as a punt returner.

Pass the crown to Terence Newman, Cowboys 2007 Mr. Indispensable.

Nick Eatman gives the lowdown on the big guys up front on offense.

Tony Romo and Jason Witten instruct our youth in football. Check out Witten’s intensity, he could be a coach on the field today.

Hat tip DMN blog.

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