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Dallas Cowboys wide receivers are formidable

Scouts, Inc. weighs in on the Dallas Cowboys wide receivers.

8. Dallas Cowboys
Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn are an aging starting duo, but they remain very formidable. For all the drama that Owens brings off the field, he is still a game-changing presence on Sundays. He dropped a lot of passes last year -- many of which would have gone for big plays and touchdowns -- but he played through a serious hand injury, which obviously hindered his ability to catch the ball cleanly. Owens has lost half a step, but is still a very good wideout who scores touchdowns in bunches and is a tough matchup for any cornerback. Glenn is a dynamic second receiver who still can stretch a defense or torture his opponents with crisp, short and intermediate routes. Patrick Crayton is tough and competitive, but overall, the Cowboys are lacking depth behind their veteran starters.

We’ve spent so much time this offseason discussing what went wrong last year, obsessing over the defense, Parcells and then discussing the new coaching staff, the draft, but one thing seems to get a little lost, our passing offense was very good last year. In most categories we finished somewhere in the top five of the NFL. That takes into account the rocky start under Drew Bledsoe, Terrell Owens’ busted up finger, the offensive struggles down the stretch, all of that mess. So the same unit is back, hopefully with an improved line and a seasoned Romo. I’ll take our WR trio up there with the best in the NFL.

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