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More on the Cowboys wide receivers

Nick Eatman looks at the receivers. We all know about TNT and how they will be the starters. We pretty much know that Patrick Crayton will back them up as the first option. But after that is where the fun starts. Sam Hurd and Miles Austin would seem to be in pretty good shape to make the roster. But we also got to slot in rookie Isaiah Stanback.

We're all going to keep our eyes on fourth-round pick Isaiah Stanback because of his intriguing athletic ability, his transition from college quarterback to receiver and how he recovers from a Lisfranc foot injury that has sidelined him since last fall. But Stanback is a fourth-round pick. The Cowboys are high on him, and it's likely he will have a role on this team.

So that means we keep six WR’s or somebody in that group has to go. And that’s not even taking into consideration some of the long shots on the roster, including the much-discussed Jamel Richardson.

But the real rookie to watch is Jamel Richardson, the former Canadian Football League standout trying to find his way onto the roster. At 6-3, 220, Richardson has good size, but he knows he won't be able to simply outmuscle cornerbacks like he did the last four years of the CFL. While it might be crowded at the bottom of the depth chart, Richardson has a legitimate chance to be in the hunt for a spot.

The fight for the last receiver spots should be an intense battle at camp.

Vic Carrucci lists Tony Romo in his dozen players in "comeback mode" this season. I’m not sure I buy it, yeah, he had some tough times down the stretch, but give him a break, it was only his first season starting. I'm not sure how much of a "comeback" it would be, more like a learning process. Anyway, here’s what Carucci said.

Tony Romo, QB, Dallas: His sizzling start after he took over as the Cowboys' No. 1 quarterback cooled off when he finished the season with a series of blunders. Romo clearly gave the team more spark than it had with Drew Bledsoe under center, but can he consistently perform at a high enough level to finally deliver long-awaited stability at the position? New offensive coordinator Jason Garrett faces a big job in getting Romo to produce as the big-time star the Cowboys think he can become.

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