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Dallas Cowboys offensive line rated middle of the pack

From the Scouts, Inc. series rating each NFL team, this one concerning the offensive line.

15. Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys are a powerful zone-blocking team that sometimes struggles when their linemen are matched up one-on-one in space. They do a good job of scheming opponents to keep their linemen in tight, where they can use their bulk and strength to protect the pocket. They gave up a total of 37 sacks last season and posted a respectable 4.1 yards per carry, and the addition of Leonard Davis' bulk should help the running game. The question is whether he will line up at right tackle or right guard. If Davis moves inside to guard, then Marc Colombo will retain the right tackle spot. Center Andre Gurode and guard Kyle Kosier fill out the line and are serviceable but not great players. This is not the most athletic offensive line in the league, but they are massive and powerful.

OK, I’ve been pretty lenient with the Scouts, Inc. list because everybody’s got a right to their opinion, and I think they’ve been relatively fair in ranking the Cowboys. But this review is poorly executed. It’s not the #15 ranking that I have a problem with, I agree that the Cowboys line is a middle-of-the-pack line. Hopefully Leonard Davis will help to change that. But the details of the analysis above are...should we say...fuzzy?

First, they posit the question of whether Leonard Davis will play right guard or right tackle. That’s the first and only place I’ve seen that question. In fact, there’s been no discussion about Davis playing RT, that spot belongs to Marc Colombo. If Davis plays tackle anywhere it will be at LT and that would be because Flozell Adams’ knee continues to keep him out of the lineup.

And speaking of Flozell Adams, something is noticeably absent from the Scouts, Inc. analysis...namely Flozell Adams. His name appears nowhere in the report, our starting left tackle is absent from a review about our offensive line! What the...?

So it’s hard to take this one seriously, if you were taking any of them at all seriously. I’m just posting them because there’s not much else going on.

Terrell Owens got together with Reggie Bush and some other NFL players to get in a workout. The players were in Los Angeles for the ESPY awards - really, is there anything more irrelevant and self-referential that the ESPY’s? Maybe the "Who’s Now" thing they’ve been running lately is as lame but I’m getting off track. Apparently the players got bored with the night-life – insert your own Roger Goodell joke here – and decided to work out.

We got bored going out, so we were talking it over a couple of drinks last night," said Owens, a Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl receiver. "And then we got here to work out."

After a short pause to put his sandals on, Owens had a smirk and one more thing to say:

"And of course, those drinks were cranberry juice and orange juice."

Hat tip to the DMN blog.

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