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Dallas Cowboys quarterback review by Eatman

Nick Eatman does a QB review. I guess the biggest question for me, besides when will we sign Romo to an extension and how well will he play, many QB’s are we going to carry, two or three? And if we carry three, who the heck will be the third?

Here's Eatman on that issue:

The most intriguing competition at quarterback might not even be for a real spot. The Cowboys currently have five on the roster and could take them all down to camp, at least for the first week. Rookie free agents Matt Moore and Richard Bartel would seem to be competing for the right to stick around as the fourth quarterback; then one of them will likely battle with Matt Baker, who spent last year on the practice squad. But don't forget, the Cowboys only kept two quarterbacks on the roster last season and it's not out of the question they would do the same this year and keep a third quarterback on the practice squad.

On getting Romo signed, Eatman says this:

Don't Be Surprised If: The Cowboys get into the season without a deal done for Romo. Sure, they would like to get it finalized before camp, but at the right price. It's unlikely the two sides will be able to come to an agreement in the near future. And it's not because they're on different pages. Romo wants to be here and the Cowboys want him. But the unknown factor is too great at this moment for either side to sign a deal. Look for Romo to get into the season without a new contract, but it probably wouldn't take more than a few solid performances for the Cowboys to strike a deal. Romo's deal will get done. The only question is when and for how much.

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