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Help me

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I need help. I think I’m losing it and it’s not even my fault. For months I basically ignored Jennifer Floyd Engel articles, finding nothing of interest in them. Suddenly, I’m about to post my third reference to a JFE article/interview in as many days. Yes, I am now questioning my own sanity. But wait, it gets worse. Not only am I referencing JFE, but I am actually in total agreement with her latest article as it expresses exactly my thoughts on the whole "Blame Bill" mentality. My only hope, my only sliver of belief that my days as a rational thinker aren't over, is that maybe JFE read my Patrick Crayton article, agreed with my sentiments at the end, and then wrote her article. Someone please tell me that’s the case – on the eve of training camp I must be of pure mind and heart - and going into it knowing that JFE and I agree on something has shattered that illusion.

Here’s the paragraph that sums it up for me:

Mark me down as not giving a flying Fig Newton if Big Bill was a lousy Suzy Sunshine and if every day at Valley Ranch failed to feel like Christmas and if players were not living a Hallmark commercial. This is an NFL franchise, not a self-esteem camp.

Just win, baby.

I forgot to mention this the other day but in USA Today’s 25 greatest NFL players of the last 25 years series, Emmitt Smith comes in at #7

Smith, after an NFL-record 11 consecutive seasons with more than 1,000 yards rushing, passed Walter Payton to become the NFL rushing king on Oct. 27, 2002. By the end of his career, he had collected 18,355 rushing yards and had only one season in which he didn't record more than 900 yards on the ground.

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