From JFE's Main Squeeze - Spears Reinvented

Mac takes a shot at the Spears question

Like most of the D, he's gone all Slim Fast on us:

And after spending a little bit of his summer "running the levee" at LSU, he's 20 pounds lighter, around 290. That's what running 91 20-yard sprints -- uphill -- daily can do for you.

Bu he's excited to get back to the game, always a good sign:

After spending the off-season pondering how his football life will be different without coach Bill Parcells, who drafted him and grilled him, Spears is ready for training camp to start.

"It's uncontrollable," Spears said Wednesday during an appearance at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children where he signed autographs for patients. "I can't wait."

Not exactly a toss under the bus, Spears actually tries to be fair about his relationship with the Tuna:

Parcells leaned on Spears for more production. The former first-round pick from LSU wasn't bothered until the coach essentially said late in the 2006 season that his playing time might be taken away.

"When you go and do that to the media and you have no idea it's coming... I lost a little respect for him that way," Spears said.

Spears wants everyone to know he is glad he had the experience of playing for Parcells. And that he doesn't dislike him as a person. He does, however, admit that playing football under Parcells was what he called "a grind."

And maybe a decent insight into Wade Phillips:

When Phillips told his players to invite their families to Valley Ranch, the gesture and ensuing activity were greatly appreciated.

"When Wade did that, it meant a lot to a lot of players," said Spears, whose foundation works with kids in Dallas and Baton Rouge. "There hadn't been that connection before."

And clearly he's thrilled about the prospects of playing under Phillips, and specifically his 3-4 defense.

"This is what I was used to, and this is getting back to what made me successful," Spears said.

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