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Hurry up training camp

I admit to a slight case of writer’s block. Actually, that’s the wrong metaphor, because there’s nothing being blocked. In other words, the well is dry. How many more different ways can I discuss the Dallas Cowboys roster? Or talk about the collapse of last season? Or Bill Parcells role while here, or Wade Phillips future? I need new inspiration.

Luckily, I’m about to get it. In less than a week training camp will kickoff and the 2007 season will be here. Yeah, the draft and free agency are all about the 2007 season, and the new coaching staff was a big story for the 2007 season, but nothing really says "new season" like the start of training camp.

But until that time, here’s some reading to keep you occupied.

Here’s another story on Marcus Spears and his expectations of being a much better football player in the Phillips 34. Dunkman has more in this diary.

Good stuff from Todd Archer as he closes out his roster review with a combo-meal, the defensive backs and the special teams.

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