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Tony Romo still has work to do

I was going to breakdown Mickey Spags latest article on Tony Romo, but BTB-regular dunkman beat me to it in this diary. I have to say that I agree with Mickey in his evaluation, the points he makes about Romo’s mechanics and his risk-taking are precisely the things Romo should be aware of and working on correcting. Overall, though, ball security is the number one item with me and Romo. If he can learn to protect the ball when moving around in the pocket and be careful when taking risks downfield, then he should have a very successful season. The Cowboys have surrounded him with talent at the skill positions, making his life easier.

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys have some nice skill players on offense, but what about the offensive line? Football Outsiders is not as thrilled with that part of our offense, ranking us #22.

22. Dallas Cowboys (19) The Cowboys hope they bought a big upgrade when they signed Leonard Davis to a seven-year, $49 million contract. The biggest question is where that upgrade will come — guard or tackle. The most likely scenario has Davis starting at right guard, with Marc Colombo and Flozell Adams manning the tackle spots.

Kyle Kosier, penciled in as the starter at left guard, is the weak link. He gets overpowered too often, especially against bigger defensive linemen. There's been talk that Pat McQuistan, who has played just one game in his NFL career, could beat Kosier for the starting job.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, they ranked the RB’s also.

9. Cowboys (22)Feature back Julius Jones lost Bill Parcells' confidence last year, allowing Marion Barber III to emerge as more than just a goal-line option. While Jones -1.9 percent DVOA (28th in the league in 2006) forms a case for him as a competent NFL running back, his resume for stardom seems more and more to consist solely of his breakout Thanksgiving Day performance against the Bears in 2004. While Barber still struggles with the finer points of running back play, his ability to run inside the tackles and pick up consistent significant yardage pushes him ahead of Jones. Regardless, when it comes to tandems that should be productive, the Boys' lead the pack.

Nick Eatman is trying to finish up his roster review series with the defensive line.

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