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All Cowboys, all the time...sort of

In the comments section for the previous post, BTB-reader brushpile asks a legitimate question.

Grizz, I would be interested in hearing how much we have improved our team as compared to the others in the NFC particulary the Eagles, Giants and Redskins.  Your thoughts.

Fair question and thanks for asking it brushpile, but it’s one I’m reluctant to answer, mainly because my opinion on the rest of the division is not fully informed. I read some articles about the NFC East and form general opinions, but I don’t really study their teams in any detail. I live in a Dallas Cowboys world, where I spend 95% of my time thinking about Dallas and 5% thinking about the rest of the league. So while I’ll throw out opinions on other teams in brief comments – like I recently did about the Lions – I rarely try to judge them with any legitimate analysis. Writing this blog really focuses my time on the Cowboys, and everything about them, but has actually lessened the amount of time I spend thinking about other teams. If you notice, I rarely write anything that is of any substance about the rest of the league. Every once in a while I’ll do it, but not with any regularity.

Once the season starts and I can watch the other teams play, then I can start forming opinions about how good they look. But right now, in the offseason, I freely admit that I’ve been following very little of what they are doing. So I’m pretty ignorant right now about their situations, I bet some of the other BTB’ers could do a better job than I could.

After dodging the responsibility of writing up a review of the NFC East, let me shamelessly shill for SB Nation, and say you should visit Bleeding Green Nation, Big Blue View and Hogs Haven if you really want to learn about the rest of the NFC East. Those guys are thinking everyday about their teams, and are providing great analysis.

And for the foreseeable future, I can’t see me thinking about much else but training camp and getting the draft picks signed. San Antonio here I come!

Here’s another article on Wade Phillips and his easy-going manner being misunderstood as soft. Dan Reeves cracks me up with his explanation:

"Wade makes it fun for his players, but they better be serious when he’s talking football," Reeves said. "You go into one of his meetings and there’s no grab-ass going on or joking around."

Solid, there will be no grab-ass going on in the Cowboys locker room. But I bet you will still see some butt-slaps on the field.

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