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It's almost time for camp!

You guys may be wondering why the posting seems so sloooooww over the last couple of days. BTB-regular dunkman will probably make a diary saying the limelight has gone to my head and I’m attending all these great offseason parties and events with the rich and famous. I’m just like Tony Romo! Unfortunately, no such luck on my part.

No, the posting has been slow and will continue to be slow until Wednesday when everything will change. You see, I’ve been preparing for a two week trip to some place called San Antonio to cover some team called the Dallas Cowboys. So I’ve been finishing up some work that needed to get done, doing a few errands and visiting some people before I leave.

Wade Phillips knows what it's like:

"All you have to do is ask my wife," Phillips said. "She knows when it's time. I'm thinking about other things besides doing things around the house. Yeah, I am anxious. It's time to get started."

Agreed coach, it’s time to get started. That quote is taken from a much longer article about Wade Phillips. In fact, a couple of very long Phillips’ articles have sprung up in the past day or so, another one can be found at the link below.

From writer Tom Orsborn.

There’s also a collection of "Challenges for Wade" or "Challenges for Dallas" articles, too.

Here’s one from the SA E-N, and their #4 challenge is sure to raise the ire of some fans on this blog.

Reminds quarterback Tony Romo he's not Brett Favre: The Cowboys' decision to pass on drafting Brady Quinn shouldn't mean a green light for Romo to run wild. Instead of trying to imitate his boyhood idol, Romo needs to remember Bill Parcells' lessons about protecting the ball.

Despite protestations to the contrary by some BTB’ers, I still think this is the #1 lesson Romo has got to learn – ball security. A lot has been made about the defense and the rest of the team failing Romo over the stretch at the end of the year. But I have to say it was Romo who threw the INT’s and fumbled the ball to the turf, no matter what was going on elsewhere. I believe Romo would tell you the same thing, those mistakes were his, and he plans on correcting them.

Todd Archer does a brief overview of the roster and the spots available in this long article.

The DFW S-T contributes a couple of articles, one from Mac Engel that runs down just about everything facing the Cowboys before camp, and Gil LeBreton gives a history lesson and relates it to this year’s training camp.

So expect a little less than you're used to on this blog over the next couple of days, then expect exactly what you’re used to once the practices actually start this Wednesday. I will be filing my practice reports daily just like last year and I will also be doing a DCFanantic radio show on a regular basis at night.

It’s almost time!

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