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Dallas Cowboys starting tackles on the injured list

You guys are probably thinking that I’m a total slacker. With the news coming out that both Flozell and Colombo will miss time at camp, the signing of another draft pick, the talk about Jerry Jones and Greg Ellis planning a kiss-and-makeup session, and I’m nowhere to be found. Well, the mighty Grizz was doing battle all afternoon with the evil IRS. I think I won. Anyway, that threw off my whole schedule today and I’m just now settling back in and getting ready to leave for San Antonio tomorrow.

Enough about me, back to the news. Isn’t it great? No, not the news itself, but the fact that there is news because we are actually going to start practicing! But did it have to be this kind of news?

But when the Cowboys begin training camp practice on Wednesday, it's likely both of their starting offensive tackles will miss practice because of injuries.

Now nothing sounds too serious, but left tackle Flozell Adams and right Marc Colombo aren't expected to begin camp in uniform.

Colombo underwent a scope on his right knee about three weeks ago and could miss as much as the first week of practice.

Crikey! Both tackles. And we don’t have James Marten or Doug Free signed yet. Come Wednesday, yours truly might be lining up at tackle.

And like we’ve been saying all summer, we love the potential of Isaiah Stanback, but that foot injury can be a tough thing to shake.

But one player Jones seems somewhat concerned about is rookie wide receiver Isaiah Stanback, who could miss the first few days of practice as well.

Stanback, a fourth-round pick from Washington, has missed all of the summer workouts rehabbing from a Lisfranc foot injury he suffered last October at the University of Washington. While Stanback has recovered from the foot injury, he has developed a series of shin splints in the process, possibly by overcompensating while rehabbing the foot injury.

Not good. But it’s only the first week, so there’s no need to get too worked up yet. I’ll give it a little time.

Jerry Jones discusses the possibilities of a new Romo deal in this article.

"We're not at the point of having a deal, but that shouldn't be viewed as any concern," Jones said Monday at the Cowboys' annual Coaches Clinic at Texas Stadium. "I don't think it's a concern on their part or a concern on our part."

That's because both sides have made clear they want the other in its long-term plans. The question has become just when that deal is struck, and for how much.

On the rookie front, I didn’t even see this reported elsewhere, but I’ve been a little distracted over the past few days. Apparently we signed Alan Ball to a contract.

The Cowboys began setting up operation in San Antonio Monday, but with the first training camp practice scheduled for Wednesday they had agreed to terms with only two of their eight draft choices by Monday evening.

That being with sixth-round pick Deon Anderson, who is expected to challenge for not only a roster spot, but possibly a starting job at fullback, and also seventh-round pick Alan Ball, the cornerback who had impressed the coaching staff during the off-season workouts.

Oh yeah, here’s the article about Jerry Jones and Greg Ellis.

Jerry Jones has decided to reach out to disgruntled outside linebacker Greg Ellis.

The Cowboys owner and general manager said Monday he plans to meet with Ellis when training camp starts Wednesday in San Antonio.

It’s kind of like - who cares now? It was just Greg blowing off steam again, like he does every summer now. The most important thing is how healthy he is and how much can he contribute early in the season.

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