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San Antonio or bust!

This is the last post that will originate from somewhere other than San Antonio for the next couple of weeks. I’m leaving this afternoon and plan on attending the opening celebration this evening. It sounds like it will be a high school pep rally on steroids. I won’t be able to cover the press conference today (3 PM CST), so I would welcome someone taking a shot at covering it in a diary.

All I can think about is getting to camp and watching Wednesday’s opening practice. For the old-timers who were reading this blog at this time last year, you got a pretty good idea of what to expect over camp. I will be covering every practice in detail and that will hopefully get you a little closer to the action. I’ll also be doing the DC Fanatic Radio Shows on a regular basis. They will be call-in shows so you guys can participate.

I ask for your indulgence ahead of time for the spelling and grammatical errors that will be in those practice reports, I try to write them as fast as I can after returning from a practice, so sometimes mistakes will be made. I try to clean them up later. Also, I don’t mind if you post the reports on other forums, but if you do, please add a return link to this blog. Thanks.

I need to get ready to leave now, so next time I talk to you it will be from training camp. In the meantime, here’s JJT on Jerry Jones and here’s Mac Engel on the injuries plus some other stuff. Stuff like we might be close to signing Doug Free.


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