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Dallas Cowboys day one round up

Wednesday’s practice was really like a glorified walk-through. OK, it was more than that, maybe a run-through since Wade Phillips stated he wanted to see the team run and he thought they responded well. But there was very little 7-on-7 and no 11-on-11 between the offense and the defense. But Thursday morning’s practice promises to be different. Phillips has said they will be in full pads so maybe we’ll get to see more action and fewer drills.

I hate being a "told you so" guy, but for everybody who said Greg Ellis would be back at practice ready to go from day one like nothing ever happened, Wednesday was a sobering reality check. It didn’t take long for his Achilles heel injury to flare up and keep him out of practice. Let’s hope it’s not too serious because for this team to really reach its potential in the pass rush Ellis needs to play well.

And my idea of training camp was not for Alex Obomese to be lined up opposite DeMarcus Ware. I don’t know how good Obomese is, but I was expecting Anthony Spencer and Greg Ellis to be in competition for the starter’s spot, not Obomese. The sooner Spencer gets into camp the better.

Tony Romo is the absolute king of the Dallas Cowboys. The reaction he got when he stepped on the field and the reaction he got after practice when he came over to sign autographs was phenomenal. By the way, thanks for signing my hat Tony!

Wade Phillips had this to say about his team after practice.

"You get a sense of something there with some teams," Phillips said. "I get that sense, whatever it is. A little mystic, maybe, but there's a feeling. There's a feeling on certain teams that they're all pulling in the same direction. They want to do the same things, and want to be involved and they have some talent."

I didn’t think of this before, but let’s call it the Parcells Effect. If the Cowboys players who were so resistant to Parcells in the end can all band together to show that his way was the wrong way and that Wade Phillips’ way is the right way, then it’s all good as long as they win. I thought Parcells helped this team by giving them discipline and better talent on the field, but just maybe he can help them now by engendering camaraderie to prove him wrong. I know, it’s all a little bit too weird. I’m sorry I brought it up.

It turns out that CB Courtney Brown has already switched positions.

"We thought that his best shot was at safety right now," Phillips said.

Brown will compete with Pat Watkins, Keith Davis, Abram Elam and Damarius Bilbo for a backup spot behind Roy Williams and Ken Hamlin.

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