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Dallas Cowboys comings and goings

So what’s going on with the Cowboys? Has anybody seen any news about them lately? I kid! We couldn’t be happier now that the action is finally taking place.

So far, the only cut has been Matt Baker who served as the nominal 3rd string guy last year. Poor Matt, you wait all offseason for a chance to show what you got and to try and prove yourself as a viable option at QB, and a couple of days into camp you get the pink slip. Wait, this is football, so it’s not the pink slip, it’s the Turk come-a-callin’. So it’s up to Matt Moore or Richard Bartel to vie for the third spot, if indeed we carry three QB’s.

The medical update on Greg Ellis is that there’s no structural damage, just some irritation. But there’s no timetable on his return as far as I can see. The good news is his replacement is in camp - no, not Alex Obomese, although the kid has made a few plays in Ellis’ absence. I’m referring to 1st-round pick Anthony Spencer who finally made it into camp and participated towards the end of yesterday’s practice. I’m really excited to see him for a full practice today.

We also got rookie tackle James Marten into camp, completing the signing of all our 2007 draft picks. Marten couldn’t get here a moment too soon considering the continued absence of starting tackles Flozell Adams and Marc Colombo.

The DFW S-T has a nice article on Leonard Davis, who so far has looked pretty good in camp. Yesterday I reported on some of the individual blocking drills between the offensive and defensive line. The two plays I watched with Davis involved were victories for the man they call Bigg. He’s also been knocking people around in the 11-on-11 sessions. Watching him in person, you can see why he might be a prefect fit at the guard position. He’s just so massive and strong that without an outside edge for the defense to use against him, it’s just hard to get around him.

Brian Stewart has already proclaimed this defense should be the best in the NFL. Wade Phillips immediately said he shouldn’t say that. As was mentioned in the comments, now you know why some coaches don’t like for the assistants to talk to the media. But the laid-back Phillips was chuckling when he said that, so it’s not quite the reaction you might get from, say...Bill Parcells. Anyway, since we’re discussing defenses past and present for the Cowboys, here’s an article about all the Cowboys have poured into making this defense go. Chris Canty gets my final word on the subject:

"The excuse game is gone," defensive end Chris Canty said. "We have to produce. Simple as that. We have to produce on the field, or we don't deserve to be here. Me included; we don't deserve to be here."

And finally, the new and improved Terrell Owens has brought his game to San Antonio, and gets the treatment from Nick Eatman. Owens is playing both the X and the Z positions so far in camp in order to get him into favorable matchups with the defense.

So what’s on your guys mind?

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