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What about the passes?

OK, some people are troubled by the fact I didn't cover the 7-on-7 drill where T.O. had some TD catches and some other guys had some good catches, etc. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and like I said, the individual blocking drills are more interesting to me. I really want to see who on our line can get it done and see if any of the backups or rookies can make a splash. The one thing I don't like about 7-on-7 is there's no pass rush, so the whole thing is a little artificial. But that doesn't mean I won't cover that in the future. So tomorrow I will give it a look since so many people are interested in our WR's. But if there's one area I'm not that concerned about in TC is our starting WR's and our starting QB. But I promise to take turns and cover the 7-on-7 a little more.

Also, if you'll notice in the 7-on-7 drills there are all these great plays and catches and stuff, but not so much in the 11-on-11. Without the pass rush and the traffic of the two lines in the way, it's a lot easier for the offense to beat the defense.

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