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Greg Ellis Saga continues

You know what’s weird - besides me? I’m at camp observing every play, every tackle, every block that the Cowboys perform, yet I spend so much time going to practices and writing about them that I feel more disconnected to the news about the team and the press conferences.

For instance, I had no idea this was said until just a short time ago.

[Greg] Ellis was then asked if he is losing his desire to play, entering his 10th NFL season.

"That's something that's going to need to be talked about next week," Ellis said, starting a series of cryptic answers to a barrage of questions on the subject. "That's pretty much all I can say on that. When we're here for a little more time, I can probably answer that question a little more honestly next week.

"That sounds crazy, don't it? But, that's pretty much all I can say about that. I'll answer fully next week."

When posed with the possibility of retiring, Ellis then said, "I don't know. Later next week, I think we'll have more answers," but later said, "Yeah, I still want to play football."

Wow, Ellis is really struggling with his situation. Again, we probably shouldn’t take this at face value because we know how frustrated Ellis gets. But he’s still moody about his contract, he’s upset about his injury and now hints cryptically at retiring. The guy just can’t be a happy camper. I think he’s just blowing off more steam and trying to get the organization’s attention. Once he gets healthy, all of this should blow over.

One question that’s asked of me when discussing camp is "How’s Hamlin doing?" I can say that over the past couple of practices Hamlin is showing up more and more, and I think he’s going to be a big help in the secondary this year. Of course, I believed that even before camp, but I think I’m getting some confirmation. Enjoy this article on Hamlin.

Todd Archer looks at the Ray Sherman - Terrell Owens connection.

I’ll open up this thread to any questions you guys have about camp. What’s on your mind?

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