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Sam Hurd is all business

You should check out this Sam Hurd interview. He sounds like he’s ready to go. He’s all business in the interview.

One of my favorite parts was when he discussed the new offense under Jason Garrett. To paraphrase:

We’re going deep. Jason wants to score; he wants to score like they do in the Arena League. He wants to score 72 points per game.

On his place on the depth chart:

I know I got Glenn and T.O. ahead of me, and I’m not hatin’ on anyone, but I want to be ahead of them.

Rock on, Sam.

Hat tip to Burt-D for the excellent link.

JJT’s has posted his three keys for success this year. They're pretty good, but I can narrow it down to one key to success – score more points than your opponents. That’s why they pay me the big bucks!

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