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Dallas Cowboys training camp practice report #8

The Cowboys came out in full pads this morning and with a lot more zip in their stride than they showed yesterday. I think Wade Phillips must have told them that yesterday’s practice was unacceptable. Flozell Adams practiced this morning and looked like he was moving OK, the rest of the injury crew didn’t practice, including Terry Glenn.

Early in practice they worked on what to do with bad snaps on the FG unit with Brad Johnson falling on the ball. They also worked on the fakes with Anthony Fasano leaking out into a pass pattern and Johnson rolling out to throw the pass.

After stretching and doing some positional drills, they moved on to 11-on-11 drills.
Romo opened the show by hitting Hoyte in the flats and he was immediately decked by Terence Newman. A spirited start to the practice. Next, Romo hooked up with T.O. for a completion. Akin Ayodele then burst through the line on a blitz and got the sack but they let the play run and Romo overthrew T.O. The coverage was good on the next play so Romo had to scramble, then he finished with a poor throw for an incompletion.

Johnson was next and had to dump it off because the blitz was coming; he hit Fasano who again showed some nice hands. The coverage was good on the next play and the pocket collapsed so Johnson had to scramble. Next, he tried a short pass but both Blair Phillips and Dedrick Harrington were in position to deflect the ball. Matt Moore hit Jerard Rabb who made a nice catch, then Roy came on the blitz but Moore read that he had left Adam Bergen so he hit Bergen on a short pass.

Romo was back in but was likely sacked and proceeded to overthrow his target. He hit T.O on a quick slant, then the coverage was too good leading to another sack. Brad Johnson hit Miles Austin in front of Nate Jones, then Bobby Carpenter timed his blitz perfectly and shot through untouched for a sack. Johnson went through with the play anyway and threw and INT to Junior Glymph.

They broke off for 7-on-7 drills and 1-on-1 blocking drills. I tried to watch both but eventually stuck with the 7-on-7. Below are the 7-on-7 results, then I’ll give you the little I caught in the 1-on-1 blocking.

Romo threw a short pass to Witten, then came back and hit Witten deep. Hurd beat Henry on an out pattern, then Romo dumped off to MB3 and finished by hitting Austin over the middle. Johnson tried to hit Jamel Richardson but he slipped down and Matt Moore missed on a pass attempt. I missed a couple of Johnson and Moore plays while watching the 1-on-1 blocking drills.

Romo came back on and threw an INT to Anthony Henry. But Crayton beat Henry on an out on the next play. Romo then had an overthrow, a completion to Fasano and then Carpenter had nice coverage on a seam pattern but couldn’t quite grab the INT. Johnson hit Austin deep who had gotten by Abram Elam, and Bartel concluded the drill by dumping short to Deon Anderson and Jackie Battle.

Over at the 1-on-1 blocking drills Canty got inside McQ, Kosier handled Ratliff and Bowen got a nice push on Gurode. L. Davis had no problem with Spears, Hatcher used a spin move to destroy James Marten and Marcus Smith managed to get inside Marten. Ratliff used a quick jump off the line to get by L. Davis, Gurode handled Dagunduro and Kosier was good against R. Ayodele.

They practiced punts for a while and Quincy Butler mishandled two kicks.

They jumped back into 7-on-7 and Romo hit Hurd over the middle, then hit Hurd on the sidelines in front of Henry who had fallen down. (Hurd might have pushed off just a bit). MB3 caught a dump pass, then Jehreme Urban caught one over the middle and beat Joey Thomas on the sideline.

Johnson threw a strike to Crayton but he dropped it, then Austin beat Henry for a catch followed by Witten catching one in front of Roy. Moore completed on to Rabb in front of Henry and Rabb then beat Thomas on a slant.

Romo came back to hit Witten and Fasano on consecutive plays, then he tried to hit Austin deep but Henry broke it up. Witten caught a short pass to finish Romo’s session. Johnson then dumped it off to TT a couple of times followed by Bartel hitting Battle on a short pass, but had his next pass broken up by Quincy Butler.

Next was 11-on-11 and Crayton was starting in place of Terry Glenn. Also, Flozell was running with the first team as was James Marten. Romo handed off to JJ up the middle but there was too much traffic. JJ then made a short gain up the middle before Bradie made the stop. Romo tried to hit Crayton across the middle but Henry broke up the pass and thought he should have picked it off so he did push-ups on the sideline. MB3 had a good run on a sweep to the left behind some quality blocking, Hurd beat Nate Jones on a deep in and Hurd then caught a pass in the flats. Nate Jones came flying for the tackle but Hurd ducked under him and kept running.

Johnson handed of to TT for a short gain before Stanley grabbed him, and then he hit Fasasno deep and also managed to elude Junior Glymph who was tracking him down for the sack. Johnson threw to Rector but J. Thomas broke it up, there was a lot of contact between the two players as they fought for the ball. Fasano then caught one deep, beating Bradie. Moore tried to throw a hitch, but pulled it down because of the rush, then threw it leaving Rabb helpless as the corner closed in. He then dumped one off to Battle.

Romo came back on but was immediately sacked by Glymph and Hatcher. JJ ran left for an OK gain, then Romo threw short to Witten and short to MB3. MB3 tried the middle on a run but got stuffed, then Romo rolled-out but the coverage was good and he had to scramble.

Brad Johnson was sacked on his first play by Ware who had beaten Doug Free, then TT tried to cutback a run for little or nothing, followed by a dump pass and a Battle sweep which died behind poor blocking. Bartel came in but was sacked by Carpenter who had come through the middle on a blitz and then dumped a short pass to close out practice.

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