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Jerry Jones was mad at DC Stewart over Hatcher's injury

Now this is interesting. Jerry Jones got a little mad with defensive coordinator Brian Stewart, seemingly blaming him for the injury to Jason Hatcher. The set up is Stewart made the defensive line run some sprints during the special teams practice yesterday, and Jones felt they weren’t properly warmed up to do the sprints. Jones says he’s OK now, but he wasn’t on Monday night and said so in a coach's meeting.

But here’s Jones today:

"I'm fine now," Jones said. "It was an important reminder that we can't let our guard down. Sometimes, this place [Alamodome] can be deceiving. It can get a little warm in here and you might not think you're dehydrated but then a player might wind up with a pull."

Well, let me tell you, it’s by no means warm in the Alamodome. In fact, it’s very comfortable compared with being outside in San Antonio. I think Jerry to some extent is just getting frustrated with all the injuries that are piling up. But Hatcher does think he needs to warm up before doing drills like that.

When Hatcher was asked if he needed to stretch before a drill he said, "yeah, I do. It takes some time for my body to warm up."

But check out this weird close to the article. It makes it sound like some of the other defensive players may have an issue with Stewart.

Stewart, according to several players, needs to relax and the drill is just another example of him overdoing things.

"We were over there doing something that he wanted us to do," defensive end Marcus Spears said. "Everything is OK with him and us. That's it."

Probably much ado about nothing. But you know in a camp that has been largely devoid of controversy, something like this is too good for the media to pass up. And yes, I’m not blind to the fact that I’m adding to it. What’s weird is they don’t include a comment from Wade Phillips.

Here’s a story on Anthony Fasano who is having a great camp.

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