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Practice report teaser

It was a long practice, so it will take me a while to write it up. They practiced the 2 minute drill in live action at the end so that extended practice a bit. Most of the regular injured guys were still out, but Aaron Glenn practiced today and Flozell came back to practice. T.O. didn't practice and you can add Jamaica Rector to guys who've missed practice due to injury. In case you didn't know, Kyle Kosier was absent because his wife was having a baby. Congrats, Kyle. Also, it was Bobby Carpenter's birthday, they announced it over the loudspeaker and the church group from Roy's church sang Happy Birthday to him. After that, Witten and Romo were giving him the business when stretching. Wade allows a much looser atmosphere than Parcells, as you might have guessed.

I should have the practice report up within an hour.

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