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More post-game thoughts on Cowboys preseason win

Here are some other thoughts that didn’t make it to my post-game article last night.

I thought JJ also played well; he just didn’t get that many opportunities last night, but moved the ball well when he did in the first couple of series. So I have no complaints about the job JJ/MB3/TT did in the first preseason game. Even Battle showed a little something at the end. Arguing one outplayed the other and should be the starter is premature at best, it’s driving agendas at worst.

The kicking battle is going to be a fun one to watch. It was just about as even as it was at TC. Gramatica was true on his kicks and also hit the endzone a couple of times on kickoffs. Folk made his kick and hit the endzone once.

Shango and I noted in one of our post-practice videos that the TE’s were getting open on intermediate and deep routes in a lot of the practices. I think you saw that again tonight, the Cowboys like the TE position in this offense.

I was impressed with Matt Moore, he showed more than he had at camp with poise in the pocket. Maybe the guy is a gamer. But...I’ve seen a few Cowboys fans suggesting he should take over for Brad Johnson as the backup. Really? A guy who has never played a real NFL game in his life, who basically had one good series where he threw three passes to a TE who didn’t even have a defender in the same area code and was playing against 3rd-stringers, should be the guy that is one tragic play to Romo away from starting games for us. People, its one preseason game, let’s not get crazy.

JJT reports on the budding relationship between T.O. and Romo.

Tony Romo's work was done early in the second quarter, when television cameras showed him chatting amiably with Terrell Owens on the sideline.

As the first half of the Cowboys' preseason opener against Indianapolis ended, those same cameras captured Romo and T.O. laughing and conversing as they headed toward the locker room. Then, the duo did their postgame news conference side-by-side in the middle of the Cowboys' locker room, with each player heaping mounds of praise upon the other.

Hey, I thought Shango and I were the new buddy film duo! T.O. and Romo are moving in on our turf. The rest of the article heaps praise on Romo’s performance.

This Phillips quote sums up the game pretty well for the Cowboys.

"We started the game with 13- and 15-play drives, and we showed some consistency," he said. "First preseason game and we had no turnovers. And we didn't have many penalties. That's what you want to do."

True, now if Doug Free’s knee injury is minor, we really came through all right.

A shout-out to a pet cat I picked up at the San Antonio practices.

[Alex] Obomese finished with two tackles, a 5-yard sack, a pass deflection and a forced fumble.

I’m telling you; keep an eye on this kid. Along with my other San Antonio pet cat, Joey Thomas, who got an INT last night. He just has a nose for the ball.

We made a minor roster move.

The Cowboys waived guard Steve Franklin after they reached an injury settlement because of a calf injury, leaving the roster at 83 players.

Turns out that Terence Newman was guilty of putting the beetle on Tony Romo. Good thing it wasn’t Deon Anderson, or the bug would’ve never made it to Romo’s jersey, but would’ve been a tasty snack.

I’ll have my first film review up later today. Film review?! Sweet, football is back.

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