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Dallas Cowboys article roundup takes a look at the night Anthony Spencer had and determined what most have, he didn’t make a lot of plays, but he didn’t mess up, either. That was good for his first game at a new position. When Wade opens up things for the starting defense, it will get more interesting.

Here was my evaluation:

Anthony Spencer got a good pass rush on one occasion, and held the point of attack on the runs, so it was an OK outing for a rookie, but he didn’t make any big plays.

Here’s Wade Phillips:

"If they don't run over there, so he must have done pretty well," Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips said after the game. "And they didn't throw to his guy in the flat."

Here’s Spencer himself:

"I didn't make any plays, either, so I'm happy with not making any mistakes and kind of upset with not making any plays."

JJT details the importance of the expectations on Spencer this year.  

Here’s an update on Doug Free, with two weeks as the estimate. The news just keeps getting better.

Rookie left tackle Doug Free suffered a sprained medial collateral ligament in his right knee Thursday against Indianapolis and could miss two weeks.

With Flozell Adams out, Free, a fourth-round pick, started against the Colts and performed well against defensive end Dwight Freeney. He suffered the injury in the third quarter but remained in the game until Tyson Thompson's touchdown run.

Mac Engel on the kicking competition.

The Cowboys hope Folk wins the job. He's 23. He has a strong leg (he also punted in college). He would potentially settle a position that has been unstable since the Jimmy Johnson era.

"They want to settle it down for a guy to be here for 10 or 12 years," said Folk, who was born in Germany and holds dual citizenship. He made his only field goal attempt Thursday night in the preseason opener, a 25-yarder. "I'm trying to do that."

That’s a bold statement from Folk, who will need a nickname if he gets the job. Mother Folker or Folk U have a nice ring, but the obvious profane reference might keep them from catching on in wider circles. The Folkinator might be appropriate; BTB-regular dunkman has proclaimed him capable of playing offense, defense as well as special teams. If that turns out to be a Folk Legend, instead of a folk legend, then he’s the man. Folkin’ a!

But Gramatica’s not giving up so easily. The diminutive one has gone all buff on us.

"I feel a lot stronger, not only kicking but in the weight room," said Gramatica, 32. "Whatever I've done in the weight room has shown on the field."

I love it. A kicker talking about the weight room! The vision of his attempted block on Jordan Babineaux has haunted the Great Gazoo all offseason. Rumors of him starring in Elf 2 – Will Farrell wanted too much money – were unfounded, so Gramatica is hitting the weights, buffing up, and seems to be saying: "Folk off!"

If he keeps hitting the kicks like he has in camp and on Thursday night, I’m going with a classic nickname for Gramatica – G-Money.

Todd Archer points out something I was a part of, predicting the rise of the FB in Dallas. Yep, that was me going on and on about the FB all offseason, saying it would be the return of the Moose. Eh, maybe not.

So when Parcells decided to retire and Jason Garrett was hired to call the plays, many predicted the return of the fullback.

Not so fast.

In camp, and Thursday night, the Cowboys used their FB’s just like they did last year. Battering rams that are meant to clear the way for the RB’s. Now, it could be a case of Garrett not installing that part of the offense yet. But you would think if it was going to be a major part of the Cowboys offense, they would be working on it by now. In camp, they did throw to the FB’s in receiver drills, but it was a lot less in the team drills.

Archer’s article is not really about the FB’s, it’s about the TE’s. Instead of predicting a return to Moose Johnston, I should have been thinking Jay Novacek. Parcells loved the TE and grabbed us one established star in Jason Witten, and one guy just starting to bloom in Anthony Fasano. Garret is planning to use them.

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