Get back, Stanback

He's in practice for the first time...

I love this part:

Stanback pleased coaches with his study habits since he's been drafted. He knows the plays, but he needs to work on the nuances of the routes.

For example, Stanback had to make a diving catch on a crossing route from Tony Romo because he didn't run the route the way Romo wanted. Stanback settled down in a soft spot of the zone coverage, but Romo told him to come out of the break quickly and keep going.

"Next time I run that route, I'll know what he wants," Stanback said. "I shouldn't have to lay out for it. It should be catch and go."

And how is the foot feeling?

Stanback, who Wade Phillips said is expected to play Saturday against Denver, said he had some trouble coming out of all his breaks.

"I've just got to trust it again," Stanback said of his foot. "It's been 10 months since I did that kind of cutting."  

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.