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Cowboys have plans for Isaiah Stanback

I’m working on some stuff with Shango this weekend, so I haven’t posted that much. But I’ll be back in full blogger-mode on Monday. Here are some goodies to discuss in the meantime. has a good article on the return of Isaiah Stanback. He’s learning that knowing the playbook and executing the routes are two different things. Al least he’s starting the process. Once he’s up to speed, is sounds like Wade has plans for him.

Phillips said before the team can integrate Stanback into special teams, or work him as their emergency quarterback, or scheme up trick plays for him, he's got to learn how to be a receiver. It's a plus, though, that he has studied up on each position - split end, flanker and slot.

"I know every (position)," Stanback said. "I approached the offense like I was a quarterback."

Just knowing position responsibilities doesn't mean the rookie's ready to play any of them just yet, though.

"I've got to learn how to run routes, I've got to learn releases, everything," he said.

Emergency QB? Trick plays? Me likey.

Some of our missing starters should be ready to go this week and play in the next preseason game.

Hamlin could return Monday: Free safety Ken Hamlin missed practice on Saturday with a slight concussion. He missed Thursday's preseason opener after taking a lick from running back Jackie Battle last week. Hamlin said he expects to return Monday.


Flozell Adams and Marc Colombo missed the preseason opener because they were recovering from knee surgeries. Both are expected to play against Denver. Colombo and Adams have looked pretty smooth in practices over the last few days.

Kickoff coverage was a disaster. Wade didn’t let it go unnoticed.

The first part of special teams drills focused on kickoff coverage. Coach Wade Phillips was a little concerned with the kickoff coverage unit but said it used a lot of different combinations against the Colts.

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