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Practice updates from the DMN

Tim McMahon is blogging the practices as usual over at the DMN blog. Oh man, how I miss watching practice now! At the end of the two weeks in San Antonio, I was ready for a break. But now, being away from it for a week, I miss not being able to see it for myself. Props to McMahon for giving us coverage, here are a couple of snippets:

2:22 -- Marcus Spears beat Bigg Davis with a quick first step. ... Marc Colombo mauled Anthony Spencer when the rookie tried to speed rush. ... Pat McQuistan finally figured out a way to stop DeMarcus Ware -- grab his facemask.

2:26 -- Marcus Spears got a face full of rubber pellets when Cory Procter rode him into the turf. ... Tony Sparano gave an exasperated shake of his head when Junior Glmph glided past rookie James Marten. ... Nice coverage by Roy Williams on a Jason Witten seam route. Tony Romo threw the ball over Witten's wrong shoulder -- intentionally, so Williams wouldn't have a shot at it -- but Witten couldn't make the adjustment for a highlight-reel grab. ... Romo hit Anthony Fasano on a seam route. Fasano ran right by rookie LB Blair Phillips.


2:45 -- Scout-team O vs. starting D started with two slants from Matt Moore to Jerheme Urban. Anthony Henry picked off the first one and should have caught the second one.

Just like at camp. Quick defenders sometime give Leonard Davis problems. McQ still can’t block Ware, people are going right around James Marten, even if it was the new-and-improved Junior Glymph. Fasano is still catching passes and Anthony Henry continues a strong surge in the second-half of TC.

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