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Dallas Cowboys article roundup

The Cowboys are a feisty group this year, no?

These scraps usually start at the line of scrimmage and this one was no exception, with guard Matt Tarullo and linebacker Junior Glymph mixing it up. Nose tackle Montavious Stanley and then defensive end Jay Ratliff got involved, leading to punches with guard Trey Darilek.

And that was one just one fight. The Cowboys are averaging at least one altercation in each practice. On Monday, fullback Deon Anderson and linebacker Kevin Burnett had an exchange, and there were several scuffles in training camp down in San Antonio.

Now this is different. Parcells was very strict about fighting, and didn’t have near the scraps last year compared with what I saw this year, and it looks like it’s continuing in the heat of Irving. I got no real problem with the idea of the player's mixing-it-up a little - it can spark a more intense practice - but...just don't let anyone get hurt. Then everybody will freak out. It’s hot, you’re tired of hitting your own team, so the frustrations come out, just don’t let someone break a hand or twist a knee.

Holy kicking battle, dunkman! is all over Gramatica vs. Folk.  

Mickey takes a look at the guys battling for roster spots. Six of them, to be exact. Sounds like Mickey is jumping on the Junior Glymph Express. Welcome aboard, I’ve moved him off my bubble, I’m almost sure he makes the 53-man roster.

Life is weird with this new version of T.O. I’ve been trying to not tempt the football gods so I haven’t been discussing it much, after all, I like it. But so far, it's been a different T.O. this year. It’s like a pod-person. Little T has been taken over by E.T.!

The last time T.O. played against Champ Bailey, he toasted him for a long TD. Naturally the reporters tried to get some mileage out of that with T.O./E.T., but his inner-pod refused to play along.

T.O. continued his P.C. ways of late and declined to discuss the touchdown.

"Man, get out of here," T.O. said. "I don't wanna talk about no Champ Bailey. You got your fishing rod out."

E.T. with a sense of humor. (Of course, that's E.T., the Extra-Terrellstial).

Ken Hamlin said his noggin’ isn’t a-foggin’, so don’t worry about it, he’s not.

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