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Podcast tonight from Mile High Report

You know, I had to go out for a while, so I expected to come back to some news about today’s practices, but there wasn’t much. I’m not taking aim at the DMN blog, they reported like they usually do, it’s just that not that much caught my eye. Sounds like it was good work for both teams, no one got injured, and they’ll do it all over again tomorrow.

At 10:30 tonight, I’m doing the Mile High Report podcast with The Sports Guru who runs SB Nation’s Broncos blog, Mile High Report. Tune in if you get a chance.

The back-up nose tackle seems to be a horse race that no one wants to win. Oh, I know they’re trying, but no one is separating from the pack. Although we have to give Remi Ayodele the inside track, since he's been running with the 2nd-string lately. Here’s position coach Kacy Rodgers:

"I still think it's pretty even right now," Rodgers said of the three tackles. "All three of those guys are working hard. I would say Remi has been a real surprise for us, considering he didn't go through mini-camps and OTAs with us. But all of those guys are working hard together and coach still wants to see all of them. And that's what we're going to do."

Read this article with the T.O. quotes and tell me he’s not a pod-person. An athletic pod-person, who had some good catches in practice, but a pod-person nonetheless. He’s E.T.

Matt Baker ended up in New Orleans.

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