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Cowboys ready to make some trades?

The DMN blog is blogging practice again today, but this will be the last day as the doors close to the media except for the beginning of practice, where very little of interest takes place. But did Tim McMahon have to take a shot at me and other blogs with this snark?

I know you have a lot of options for live Cowboys practice updates, and I'd like to thank you for choosing this here blog despite the recent bumpy ride.

Oh, wait. That's right. I'm the only guy giving this kind of coverage.

The only guy giving that kind of coverage now, just because the DMN gets press credentials. Yes, I’m frustrated that the Cowboys have decided blogs not run by major magazines, newspapers, radio or television stations are not allowed access to the Cowboys. Unfortunately, this is one area where the Cowboys organization is falling behind, as quite a few other NFL teams have started to recognize blogs as legitimate media outlets. C’mon Jerry, get with the new-media and give me a press pass! Uhh...sorry for the rant.

Back to the Cowboys, who have done a good job of pretending the backup NT is currently on the roster, but Mac Engel says they’re actually looking to make a trade. And Mac throws in the surprising news they are also looking for another cornerback. That one will be hard to pull off as almost no one has good corners to spare. But for kicks here are my top five corners in camp based on what I saw in San Antonio, the first preseason game and the way the Cowboys have been utilizing the CB’s over that stretch.

  1. Terence Newman
  1. Anthony Henry
  1. Aaron Glenn
  1. Jacques Reeves
  1. Joey Thomas

Again, that list isn’t a breakdown of pure talent, but a combination of elements that leads me to believe that’s how the corners stack up in terms of rankings to make the roster.

Let’s return to the NT; Engel speculates that linebacker is the position where we could trade somebody.

Team sources confirmed the Cowboys are looking for an experienced backup to nose tackle Jason Ferguson. They also would like a nickel back who could start if an injury occurred. The former is more attainable than the latter, but neither will be easy to obtain.

The Cowboys do have assets to trade -- namely, quality linebackers.

Who are the likely suspects?

Akin Ayodele, Bobby Carpenter and [Kevin] Burnett have upside, and salaries that would make them easier to trade than Bradie James or Anthony Spencer. Based on salary, the most "movable" is Burnett; his salary-cap figure is $776,790, a figure most NFL teams could live with.

If you were going to move one of those linebackers, I would agree that Burnett would be as logical a choice as any. Burnett responds this way:

"I certainly wouldn't be surprised if they did do something," third-year linebacker Kevin Burnett said. "That's just the nature of the business: If you need something, go get it."

I don’t think they will end up making a deal. My guess would be they scour the waiver wire when teams start to make final roster cuts, and then decide. They could also sign one of the "name" free agents out there, maybe like a Cory Simon, or Gerard Warren, once he gets cut. Jerry has never been risk averse, so it could happen if they feel none of the three current backups can handle the role. But I wouldn't be in favor of that. Instead, there’s Jay Ratliff, who needs to see the field no matter where they line him up. Go with Ratliff if things get desperate.

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