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Terence Newman and the Champ

Terence Newman is the subject of two feature articles today. I guess with Champ Bailey in town the comparisons would inevitably flow. Newman remains under the radar in the general NFL population, but here in Dallas we know he’s as good as any CB out there, well, except for maybe Champ. This whole Pro Bowl snubbing of Newman comes from one thing and one thing only: interceptions. Bailey gets them, Newman not so much.

Like Newman, Bailey rarely gets many passes thrown his way. But still, he winds up getting his share of interceptions.

Last season, Bailey had a career-high 10 interceptions, topping the eight passes he picked off in 2005. While Denver took some heat for trading away Clinton Portis to the Redskins for Bailey, he hasn't disappointed, picking off 21 passes in three years with the club.

And that's where Newman knows he needs to be.

Here’s another Newman article.

MB3 does a little talking which is unusual for him. He seems to be from the Terry Glenn School of Interview, which means rarely, if at all. But Clarence E. Hill, Jr. got him talking, and MB3 wouldn’t mind starting.

"Of course you want to [start]," Barber said. "It's a goal of mine. If you are not motivated to start or train yourself like you are going to start, you shouldn't be playing. But you have to know your role. I just try to be ready when they call my name."

Know your role! Maybe he’s from The Rock School of Interview, he should've just thrown in a jabroni to make it official. Can you smell what MB3 is cooking?

The defense is singing, birds are chirping, it’s all sunshine with Wade Phillips.

T.O. was late, he apologized, Wade and Jerry say no biggie. Our very own Terry contemplates T.O.'s recent transformation from bad-boy to no-story, here. Terry thinks T.O. may have turned a corner, but I have to disagree. I still think we have an Invasion of the Body Snatchers incident happening here, and I want the National Enquirer to start the investigation. He's a pod-person people! I'm telling you, and if you disagree, that's just evidence that you're a pod-person, too, trying to cover up the conspiracy! He's E.T., the Extra-Terrellstial.

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