maybe T.O. is a changed man

In the past, I seriously doubt that T.O. would apologize to both his coach and teammates for violating a team rule. His refusal to do so a few years when he was with with the Eagles caused his demise at that franchise.

As everyone knows, T.O. was late to practice yesterday but instead of chirping that he was stuck in traffic and that it wasn't his fault, T.O. apologized to both coach Phillips and the rest of his teammates. .

You know, T.O. just might have turned the corner to becoming a mature, responsible, unselfish teammate. I'm not saying he won't chirp some if we have a few bad games and he isn't involved enough in the gameplan to his liking, but I think he definitely wouldn't have handled this situation as well in the past. That has to be a good sign, I would think, right?

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