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Dallas Cowboys article roundup

Nick Eatman defends Brad Johnson as the backup QB. My feelings are still pretty much the same as they were when we signed him: For a couple of games I’d be OK with Johnson, if it’s an extended period, we probably don’t stand much of a chance.

Two promising QB’s hit the field tonight - Tony Romo and Jay Cutler. Romo has the advantage of being in the league longer, and had a more spectacular debut season by getting to the playoffs and the Pro Bowl. Now, they both want to build on last season.

Anthony Spencer enters game two of his NFL career tonight. He thinks he’s starting to get the OLB position. His position coach Paul Pasqualoni has this to say:

"He has good sense," Cowboys linebackers coach Paul Pasqualoni said after practice this week. "He has a good feel for football and when you put concepts and coverage up on the board, he does well. He understands it. Now the whole trick in this thing is taking it from the meeting room out there. That's the whole trick and he's done that good.

"Now it's a matter of taking it from this field and bringing to the game field where everything is going 100 miles an hour and the team's not huddling on you and you're getting the call at the last second. He certainly has a ways to go, but he's certainly working at it and going in the right direction."

Wade Phillips and Brian Stewart. I was wondering when this article would be written and posted because in the middle of a press conference this week, there was a question about the relationship between Wade and Brian. I thought at the time the question came out of nowhere, so I knew someone was planning an article on it. Here it is.

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