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Blogging under my own name

I’ve made a small, but significant change to the blog. I’ve been contemplating using my real name as my byline for a while now. When I started Blogging The Boys a couple of years ago, it wasn’t exactly on a lark - I wanted to write about the Cowboys and hoped I could do it for a while - but I had no idea about the blogging game and was unsure how public I would become. Well, the blog has certainly been more successful than I imagined when I started and thanks to SB Nation I’ve received an even bigger platform to spout off my nonsensical postulations about our favorite team.

I’ve also been asked to write occasionally for other sites and do more interviews recently about the blogging game. That got me thinking about the future and where this blogging thing could take me, so I’ve decided to blog under my own name with Grizz tagged on as a reminder. I know a lot of Cowboys’ fans know me as Grizz and I have no problem with everybody still referring to me as Grizz. Nothing has really changed except for the byline, which if you don’t know what that is, look directly under the title of this post.

I haven’t kept my identity secret - this is starting to sound ridiculously like "Cofessions of a Failed Super Hero" – my name has always been on the blog under my profile. But now, it will be attached to each post. Again, in the grand scheme, this doesn’t mean diddly-squat, but I just wanted to let everybody know that even though the name has changed on the byline, it’s still me, Grizz, writing the blog.

That’s all, carry-on with your plans to erect a shrine to Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett.

Grizz – Dave Halprin
(BTW, the last name is pronounced "Hal" – as in the computer from 2001 – and "prin" as in print with no "t" on the end.)

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