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Dallas Cowboys article roundup

I’ve got the Denver game on Tivo from yesterday’s re-broadcast on the NFLN. I am going to attempt a film review and hope to have the reports up later today. Also, Wade Phillips is doing a press conference today so I’ll cover that.

I’ve got a friend - who just may have streamed a certain football game to my location on Saturday - who would like me to plug the radio show he works on. It starts on Sept 11th of this year and is hosted by Tony Romo and Sam Hurd. It’s called Inside the Huddle and there is a show every week. Go over and check it out.

Has our two-headed running back monster grown a third head? looks at the possibilities.

Todd Archer is inching closer to a 53-man roster. I'm getting there too, and will update my roster evaluation chart later today after I review the game and write up those reports. BTW, here are the magic dates. Cut to 75 on Aug. 28, final cuts on Sept. 1.

Calvin Watkins has another evaluation of the Saturday game.

For anybody who is kind of new to the blog, let me remind you that you can create your own news or opinion diaries on the right-hand side. You do have to sign up for a FREE account to write a diary or comment, but it's relatively painless. Everybody can read the diaries, and right now we have Brandon's coverage of the "Denver is whining like a bunch of schoolgirls" story, and dunkman is covering some more Tony Romo stuff.

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