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DeMarcus Ware in a rush

Sorry for the lack of posts, but today is turning out be very busy for me, so I’ll just sneak in a quick post.

Yesterday I asked why the press is so lame that they keep asking Wade Phillips to compare DeMarcus Ware to Shawne Merriman. I thought the 15th-time Wade said he doesn’t compare players and they don’t even play the same position would have sufficed. Apparently not. It looks like Clarence Hill was the culprit this time for this article on Ware. Skipping that stuff, Ware had this to say about playing in coverage last year.

"I would get mad last year because some team would put me in the slot and they knew I wouldn't rush," Ware said. "That's why I'm excited this year. Any time they let you rush, it's exciting, and I get to rush more than ever. There is nothing I can say about rushing enough or blitzing enough."

Bradie thinks he could hit up to 20 sacks.

Linebacker Bradie James' math and reasoning is similar to Ware's.

"He is doing what he is supposed to do," James said. "We don't need him covering the slot receiver. We need him rushing the passer. He will definitely put up the numbers he had last year and more. I am thinking anywhere between 15 and 20. And I am not reaching when I say it."

We made a roster move.

The Cowboys have officially signed running back Arliss Beach after cutting punter Sam Paulescu for the second time in training camp.

Battle’s injury must have necessitated this move.

Stealing again from the DMN, check out this story on Bum Phillips. It’s a long one.

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