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Status uncertain

All the news today is not actually news, but just lingering questions that are making Cowboy fans more nervous than a stray dog wandering Mike Vick’s neighborhood. For instance, this quote by Terence Newman:

"I am going to try to be ready for the opener," Newman said. "That is the target date. I don't think I am going to miss the opener. If I am ready, I am playing. If I'm not ready, I am playing. I am going to do all I can to be ready."

Going to try to be ready for the opener? That’s in no way a reassuring statement. And the part about not being able to plant on his foot was too horrific for me to even print. At this moment, he has joined the ranks of status uncertain. I hate status uncertain.

Greg Ellis is status certain in Wade Phillips’ mind, he’s day-to-day. But when day-to-day becomes month-to-month as it has in this case, then you can safely move him to status uncertain. Ellis went for a second opinion yesterday, so maybe today or tomorrow we can get some certainty.

Kevin Burnett needs surgery on a bone spur in his ankle, but he’s supposed to be ready for the opener. Still, with the news about the other two injuries to Ellis and Newman continually changing, you might as well place Burnett in the status uncertain column, too.

You can read more about Ellis and Newman in this article, but the piece that jumped out at me was about another injury. Martin Gramatica’s hamstring pull sounds more serious than he would like us to believe.

And since [Gramatica] might not be ready to play for another two weeks, it wouldn't seem likely the Cowboys would rush him back on the field for the first game. The smarter business move might be to go with Folk and release Gramatica. If the rookie kicker struggles early in the season, the Cowboys could always try to bring back Gramatica, or another available veteran kicker.

Two weeks? If the Cowboys know that, it could explain why they’re waiting until later today to make their final 75-man roster cut. Could it be they were waiting for more news on Gramatica, and if he’s going to be out two weeks, are they just going to cut him today and get Nick Folk ready? I haven’t found a better reason as to why they didn’t just go ahead and cut 10 players yesterday instead of 9.

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