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Wade Phillips press conference (8/28/07)

I missed the Wade Phillips press conference live, but I went back to listen to it and jotted down some notes.

Today was what Wade called the official end to training camp. The game Thursday will be for evaluating who will make the roster, still have a lot of guys he wants to look at.

No decision on how long the starters will go in this game or which starters will even play.

You evaluate as you go along so all the games matter, the evaluation process is just not for the position, but how they compare to other players on the team. Comparing the 3rd TE to the 6th DB or whatever. Character is important, how they practice, what kind of effort they give, you still look at potential, usually the PS is for that, but sometimes its strong enough that you don’t want to lose them.

Doesn’t know the news on Greg Ellis yet, hasn’t talked to him. He will be back this afternoon or tomorrow.

Hoyte practice in pads today, Fasano, too. That’s a good sign. We’ll wait and see if they play Thursday, both are good football players.

Patrick Crayton is the first option on punt returns, not comfortable with anybody else yet. There are some guys could catch the ball, but not comfortable yet.

Still working Stanback at punt return some, like his ability to make people miss but you don’t see many 6’ 2", 220 lbs returners.

Marcus Smith got banged up today, they had to take him off in a cart. Doesn’t know what the injury was yet.

Spencer is at the head of the class  for the rookies, he’s starting. He’s done a good job with change of position. Not easy with a rookie but he shows all the talent to do it. Offensive linemen were future guys but they’ve shown enough to think they will be pretty good players. Our two late-round DB’s have shown well, but they will get their opportunity in the game to prove if they can play in the NFL.

You need three outside backers that can rush. If Ellis came back, then Spencer would be our swing guy, backing up both sides. Junior’s not bad, but he needs to play in this game, and we’ll see how he does, we’re looking at Khari Long too, guys like that.

Feel comfortable with Procter and Berger as backup centers. Very few transfer problems. Both have done well, can play center and guard. Didn’t know if we had one guy like that, now we got two.

Carpenter will have to play some inside, but he will also be the third guy outside if we need it.

Vague on carrying 2 or 3 QB’s.

If Gramatica misses the game then he misses it. If you miss one game, you take the whole body of work from camp and preseason. There is some of what have guys have done in the past that you consider. Nick has done everything we asked, made every FG in practice and games, they’re close to each other on kickoffs. Nick will get the whole game this game to see what he can do.

Burnett had a successful operation. But Bradie will play the dime backer with Carpenter without Burnett this game.

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