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Terry Glenn is latest Cowboys player unsure about playing season opener

Now it’s Terry Glenn’s turn to throw a little worry into us. He’s not positive about opening day either.

"There's always a question," said the 33-year-old Glenn, after the team's kickoff luncheon at the Hotel Intercontinental. "With the grace of God, hopefully I will be out there."

Glenn is also not sure he will be returning to practice Saturday. Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said earlier this week he expects Glenn to practice Saturday and be ready for the opener.

"We'll see," Glenn said. "I can't say too much about that right now."

If we here from Kevin Burnett in a few days that he’s not sure about the opener either, then I’m never believing Wade Phillips on the injury front again.

Speaking of injuries, Matt Mosley had a cure for Newman posted earlier today.
A reader wrote in and suggested some kind of exotic goat milk concoction.

"I have the cure for Newman's foot," Smith writes, "and he HAS to start and play well this year! A year ago, I worked at a goat farm where Grace (the owner of Grace Harbor Farms) created a lotion because she had plantar fasciitis and it worked!

I have a ruptured disk in my back and presto, no back pains. People can't get enough of it up in the Northwest."

Here’s the link to the miracle cream.

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