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Cowboys camp open forum

I don't have much to write about this morning. Some people have asked my opinion on certain players, and I've tried to answer them the best I can. I make a point of covering the training camp with as little bias as possible. When I write my practice reports I don't editorialize a lot, because I want you to get an unfiltered view of the practice; not my view, or Todd Archer's view, or Nick Eatman's view, but just the facts of what happened. Once I leave camp, I'll be back to my opinionated self and I will do a run-down on where I think the prospective 53-man roster stands. But since I don't have much to discuss this morning before the practice, I decided to open up this post to any questions you want to ask about players or other things happening at camp.

Fire away.

Update [2007-8-3 14:17:32 by Grizz]: I'm leaving for practice now, but you can still post questions, I will answer them when I get back and after I have written up today's practice report. BTW, great questions, really fun to try an answer them all. You guys rock!

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