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Anonymous scout takes a shot at Tony Romo

ESPN is running a series on each NFL team. Over at the Cowboys review, Matt Mosley gives some love to Jay Ratliff as the best-kept secret on the team and to Terence Newman as the worst-kept secret on the team. But when they turn things over to an anonymous NFL scout for the cloak-and-dagger section, things get interesting.

The scout’s anonymous assessment of Tony Romo:

Tony Romo is the weakness. I’m not sure he’s the answer. He played well when he replaced Drew Bledsoe because teams didn’t know how to defend against him and because he was making simple throws. But during the last four to five weeks of the season, he couldn’t make the plays his team needed him to make. He looked like Rex Grossman, throwing off his back foot. They do have some weapons for him, and they’ve got a good defense, so his mistakes won’t be magnified until the playoffs.

Ouch! Rex Grossman? OK, I got mixed reviews for this assessment. I think he has a basic point right, when teams started game-planning for Romo his play came down to good from superior. But this assessment also makes it sound like Romo was the Keystone Kops out there. Yes, that’s a shot at Rex. Tony Romo might have been inconsistent down the stretch, but he wasn’t the weakness on the team and he won't be this year, either. The offensive line and the defense were fighting for that crown last year.

The floor is now open for Terry - or anyone else for that matter - to call the scout an idiot or moron.

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