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Michael Irvin: Hall of Fame

Tomorrow, another one of the Triplets enters the Hall of Fame. Michael Irvin - The Playmaker - joins his QB Troy Aikman in the Hall, soon to be joined by their teammate Emmitt Smith. It’s only fitting that all three are joined together forever in the HoF, just like they are joined together forever in the memories of every Dallas Cowboys fan. It’s impossible to think about one without thinking about the other. They were the core of a team that dominated the NFL in the early 90’s, a team that ranks among the great teams ever assembled in professional football.

Irvin was certainly the most controversial of the three, and the only one who was not guaranteed a smooth ride into Canton. But the football writers came to their senses and couldn’t deny the greatness of Irvin.

When I think about Michael Irvin during his playing days, I think of two things, his fearlessness and his competitiveness. Irvin would catch the ball anywhere on the field; he conquered all fear about putting his body in harm’s way. He would go across the middle of the field where the headhunter’s lived and would repeatedly catch the ball to move the chains and keep the Cowboys offense heading for another score. At the same time, Irvin never let his team believe they couldn’t win. His competitive desire was transferred to his teammates and made them better players, which in turn made the Cowboys a better team. In the end, they were simply the best the NFL could produce over a half-decade span.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as the Cowboys have two practices scheduled. So I thought I would put this up tonight, and allow you guys to write about your own memories of Michael Irvin below. Tomorrow belongs to him, and to us, the fans who will appreciate his contributions for the rest of our lives.

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